1. Frognal Gardens

    This is a cantilevered elliptical stair, supported only at the top and bottom by the twisted steel centre member. The timber clad treads radiate from the centre to support the outer string which clamps the toughened glass handrail in place. The twisted steel central member is in fact two sheets of steel, machine rolled and adjusted by hand, running parallel, with internal stiffening plates, and with welds ground smooth to give the appearance of a solid steel sheet 30mm thick. Produced in partnership with Puure.

  2. Dean Street 1

    This is a traditional spiral stair, featuring cast aluminium treads on a stainless steel central post, with stainless steel handrails. Designed as a modular construction, the treads and handrail details may be modified to suit the client’s requirements. In this example the treads are in laminated glass – alternatives include water cut stainless steel. Produced in partnership with Puure.

  3. Dean Street 2

    An elliptical stair of all stainless steel construction, with glass treads. A full flight of stairs is accommodated in only a 180 degree turn. Produced in a Italy.

  4. Tomswood and Thurleigh Road

    These are cantilevered stairs. A raking steel beam hidden in the wall supports cantilevered steel treads. The steel treads can be left exposed or clad – these examples show timber cladding. The toughened glass balustrade is fixed to the ends of each tread and serves also to link the treads and stiffen the stair. Produced in partnership with Puure.

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