The Pumphouse – Private House, Norfolk

  • Budget: Not disclosed
  • Status: Completed June 2016

The Pumphouse at Hilgay dates from 1847, when it was built by the local land owner to pump water from low lying fenland into the River Wissey. Having been taken out of service in 1973 it was abandoned and left to fall into disrepair. Works commenced in July 2015 to convert the building into a 5 bedroom private house. This involved replacing entirely both roofs, raising one part of the building, and inserting within the shell an entirely new timber structure. New windows are high performance steel framed to match the originals, whilst all walls have been repointed and internally insulated to provide insulation values substantially in excess of building regulations. Heating and hot water are provided by a ground source heat pump. The 1 hectare site has been deliberately left as open wilderness, with a decked area, croquet lawn, and BBQ located between the house and the River Wissey.

Photos © Ian MacDonald

3D visuals © Attila Balogh